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The Black Forest - nature reserves, forests and meadows for hiking or biking, museums with modern and ancient art, craft traditions and life in the Middle Ages. The Rhine and countless lakes, water sports, diving, canoeing in untouched nature. High-quality sports facilities for almost all sports for professionals and amateurs. Leisure parks for climbing, tobogganing and many special attractions.

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Germany's largest amusement park is only a few minutes away by car

The second most visited amusement park in Europe is waiting to amuse you with all kinds of emotions. This leisure complex, organised by country, lets you discover different cultures with breathtaking landscapes and sceneries. This amusement park offers 59 attractions for young and old. It has 13 roller coasters. Spend exciting moments at Europa Park.

Wolf and Bear Park

The alternative Wolf and Bear Park is a project for the reintroduction of wolves and bears into the Black Forest.

A unique and extraordinary experience awaits you in the depths of our beautiful Black Forest. Come and meet wolves and bears. These impressive wild animals, reintroduced here, will delight the whole family.

Visit this remarkable park. It is an innovative project of the "Foundation for Bears" to create an alternative park for wolves and bears.


The new Tatzmania Zoo and Amusement Park is one of the largest predator facilities in Europe!

Tatzmania consists of a zoo and an amusement park. It is one of the largest predator centres in Europe. The animals of Tatzmania live in larger than normal enclosures. Enter the monkey enclosure and feed the monkeys by hand! It is an unforgettable experience for young and old! In the amusement park area, the rides are designed for toddlers and young teenagers. Discover the world from above with the free fall tower. Be thrilled by the mini roller coaster.

Triberg Waterfalls

The highest waterfalls in Germany

In the middle of the Black Forest, the town of Triberg offers a wide range of leisure activities and discoveries. The most famous natural phenomenon is the Triberg Waterfalls. They are the highest in the whole of Germany. The water falls 163 metres in 7 levels. It is a fabulous spectacle. An absolute must in our beautiful Black Forest!


Visit Titisee and the famous Black Forest destination Titisee-Neustadt

Visit Titisee and the famous Black Forest destination Titisee-Neustadt

If you are in the Black Forest, you should visit Titisee-Neustadt! Titisee-Neustadt with its lake road is one of the most famous excursion destinations in Germany. In this lively tourist town, you have to take a walk to fully enjoy the ambience. There are cafés and restaurants in the centre for a well-deserved break. Here you will find places where you can shop very special souvenir gifts.

The lake is beautifully nestled in the Black Forest. Here you can hike, shop, walk and even swim in the lake at designated spots!

Mundenhof Animal Park

Visit the Mundenhof Animal Park in Freiburg

Here you will find mainly domestic and farm animal breeds from all over the world, which have have been kept by us humans for centuries. For example, you can compare cattle breeds from different continents or the various representatives of the camel family. Many of these regionally widespread domestic and farm animal breeds are now threatened because they are being replaced by international breeds. Here at the Mundenhof, however, you can also experience the advantages of the old breeds.

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